There Aren’t Any Flat Screens in Nature

Today happens to mark the day of the most-watched event in America each year. With the Super Bowl being played in Dallas’ immaculate $1.2 billion dollar mecca, I am amazed how the fans inside the stadium are bombarded with stimulation left and right – LED boards flashing constantly, advertisements shown left and right, and a supersized jumbtron hanging from one 20-yard line to another. The game in-and-of-itself doesn’t provide enough entertainment anymore.

As I was walking on the trail today, I thought about why we are so afraid of silence and stillness. God, alone, isn’t sufficient for us anymore. We need grand orchestras and flashing lights in church. We need to be in constant contact with friends and family through Facebook, email, and texting.

Maybe we’re afraid to stop and hear God’s voice in the midst of distraction, afraid of what He will reveal to us. Ever thought about why God didn’t put Jumbtrons, flat screens, and constantly flashing lights in nature?

Maybe He created the quiet streams, the rolling hills, and the vast oceans to remind us of His constant presence. Nature is a refuge for us to enjoy, as we break away from the stresses and distractions of life. God desires to speak to us in the quiet moments, if we’ll let him. Spend some time being still before God. Unplug for a while and head outside to a local trail. He doesn’t need LED boards to grab your attention. The beauty and wonder of life become apparent, as we realize how small our worries and lives are in the midst of His creation. So turn off the phone for a couple of hours. It won’t hurt, I promise. Allow your soul to be refreshed in His presence. If you make this simple act into a habit,  you’ll be amazed with the ideas and creativity that flow from your mind, along with a heart renewed.

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