What keeps you from getting outdoors more often?

This post is all about you. I want to hear your feedback. What keeps you from getting outdoors more often? I’m not talking about sitting on the back porch. I mean getting away for a few hours or for a weekend to hike, kayak, mountain bike, rock climb, ski, white water raft, or whatever your choice of adventure might be.

Is it because of…

  • Lack of time?
  • Fear of a bear eating you?
  • Lack of interest?
  • Lack of planning?
  • Don’t think you can physically try a particular activity?
  • Other fears of some sort?
  • Any other reason?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, as I hope to put together some future blogs based upon some of the responses. Thanks for joining the conversation!

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  • http://sscottjohnson.wordpress.com Scott Johnson

    I hate to say it, but sometimes just pure laziness for me or getting caught up in my man-made world. The benefits to being outdoors so outweigh staying inside.

  • http://hikingbikingva.wordpress.com Chris Peek

    Agreed. Like you, I spend too much time in the man-made world as it is. Of course, my work is in that arena. That’s why I have to get outside, or I’d go crazy.

  • http://jonathanhaleth.wordpress.com jonathanhaleth

    For me, it’s lack of time during this busy season in my life. I used to go out hiking and exploring more. Somehow it’s no longer lack of planning per se that keeps me away from the outdoors but the lack of suitable and appropriate companions who could make it enjoyable to be outdoors. I also fear wild animals in places that have them. I fear losing myself in the wilderness and not keeping track of time that I might use to spend on necessary projects. Seems almost silly.

  • http://hikingbikingva.wordpress.com Chris Peek

    Thanks for sharing. I wouldn’t consider them silly, but natural, honest fears that many of us have about venturing into the wilderness. Maybe you would lose time that could be spent on other projects. However, I’ve found that my time outdoors unleashes new creativity and energy when I return to my projects. Sometimes, it’s hard to find others who want to hike a trail or participate in outdoor activities. Yet, when you do find someone to join you, I usually find those times to be special and where much relational growth occurs.

  • http://www.pursuingyourcalling.com Cindy Hirch

    Actually, nothing keeps me from being outdoors…even the cold. I love to hike and I don’t have to go far to find great trails to do it. We have an awesome park system in our area that runs for miles and miles throughout the county with so many things to do. It is nestled in the valley and one minute you can experience the hustle and bustle of city life, and the next be in the midst of the most awesome nature setting. They have trails for just about anything you can imagine in addition to so many other activities. I can easily get lost in the serenity of that environment.

    Nature is where I am most inspired to come up with an idea for a blog and where I connect with God. It is where I can best drown out the noise of a busy life. It is where my soul settles and I breathe…really breathe.

    • http://www.trailreflections.com Chris Peek

      You’re very dedicated. I applaud you for spending time in nature to allow yourself a chance to breathe. We all need to get away from the hustle and bustle on a regular basis, and as you mentioned, getting outside can do wonders for creativity.

      I must say that the cold will often keep me indoors, as I much prefer hiking with temperatures in the 50’s or higher. Sounds like you have some excellent trails to enjoy the outdoors.