You Don’t Have to Climb Mt. Everest to Live the Adventure

Mt Everest

Our hearts are made for adventure, but “adventure” often conjures up images of brave (and arguably insane) climbers scaling the face of Mt. Everest. However, you don’t have to climb Mt. Everest to live the adventure.


…encompasses an attitude of embracing uncertainty and running with it.

…involves risk.

…is written on your heart.

…embraces fresh experiences.

…challenges you, often both physically and mentally.

…can be found wherever you go.

…connects you with fellow adventurers.

…blazes new trails.

…views failure as a springboard.

…offers a difficult path but one that is much more satisfying.

…is the life for which you were created.

…is worth fighting for.

How and where are you living the adventure?

Photo Courtesy: Kappa Wayfarer