Five Ways to Know It’s Time to Pursue a New Adventure


Photo Courtesy: Calsidyrose

Back in 2013, I had inquired about whether or not our church offered a men’s life group. I wasn’t looking for another Bible study, but rather to join in with a core group of men who are passionately pursuing God and their life callings. Unfortunately, our church had no such established group. In passing, I mentioned to one of the staff an interest in the possibility of starting such a gathering.

As life shifted gears over the last year with the birth of our son, the idea ended up just being that – an idea. It sat on the shelf and collected dust, as I was already doing all I could just to survive.

Fast forward to last month, and one of our ministers reached out to me and stated his desire for me to lead a men’s fraternity group. He handed me a copy of the DVD series The Great Adventure by Robert Lewis and asked me to check it out.

After watching the first session, I couldn’t believe how much the series aligned with my heart of helping others pursue their God-given callings and live a life of adventure.

Then I started pondering the potential negatives:

“What if no one comes?” “What if I’m not interesting enough to lead this?” “What if I am out of town a couple of weeks?” “What if I don’t know enough about the subject matter?”

I eventually realized that my excuses were the enemy’s usual scare tactics. It’s an old playbook designed to make me run away from a challenge. Yet, the time had come to take on this new, God-given adventure and commit to leading the group that I had always desired to exist.

So, I emailed our education pastor and made the commitment to lead the men’s group. In February, I will be leading a group of men who come together to discover the great adventure that awaits them. Sure, it’s still a bit scary, but the time has come to move into a new season of adventure.

What about you? How do you know whether to pursue a new adventure or not? Here are five ways to know it’s time to pursue a new adventure:

1. When the opportunity aligns with your heart. The next time a new adventure presents itself, ask the question, “Does this opportunity align with who I am, and does it make my heart come alive?”

2. When you sense God’s leading. Not all adventures are God-given, but I would err on the side of giving an idea a shot.

3. When your life has grown complacent. When our hearts become stale, we simply need a change of scenery and a challenge to reignite our purpose.

4. When you start questioning your credentials. “I’m not ______ enough.” (fill in the blank) Consider Moses. He certainly questioned God’s choice and thought of himself too poor a speaker to have an meaningful impact. It turns out all he managed to do was lead the Israelites out of slavery and scribble down ten laws on stone.

5. When you don’t know the outcome. As with any new adventure, we won’t know how the story turns out until the end.  If we know the outcome in advance, then it’s not much of an adventure.

What new adventures have you engaged in recently? What other ways do you know when it’s time to pursue a new adventure?