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Snowmageddon & Keeping the Adventure Alive

I don’t know about your area, but over the past couple of weeks, Virginia Beach has experienced two major snowstorms, one unexpected snowfall that delivered two inches, and record-breaking low temperatures. When we first moved to coastal Virginia about 12 years ago, I recall people boasting that it rarely snows here and that you could play golf 10 […]

Making Adventure a Priority

Every now and then, a friend will view one of my nature landscape photos and remark that they wish they could visit some of the magnificent spots where I’ve hiked or traveled to. I guess it surprises me a bit that others would be envious, mainly because much of my life is spent doing many of the necessary, […]

The Fight for Adventure

My house is not my own. It really belongs to the three cats who control the daily flow of activity. I’m simply there to make sure the water is fresh, the food is served at the exact same times each day, and the litter is regularly cleaned. Our orange tabby cat is named Nemo. I […]

Sunset in the Outer Banks

It’s often been said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Whoever first uttered these words obviously did so before the preponderance of cell phone images and social network photo sharing. I’m a bit old school when it comes to photography. I relish capturing a moment in time and returning to it again and […]

3,000 Miles Later

After two weeks on the road, it is great to be back with you today at Trail Reflections. Karen, Ryan, and I recently returned from a memorable 3,000 mile road trip that included quality family time, a bit of Texas culture, a blast from the past, a photo with Big Tex, and a whole lot of tasty food. […]