Blaze Your Own Trail: Pursue Your Life’s Calling and Take Control

Do you feel like your life is stuck in a rut? Are you in pursuit of your place in God’s great Story, but you spend most of your time living in someone else’s life for you? Are you frustrated that your calling seems just out of reach?

Blaze Your Own Trail will lead you on the path to..paperbackfront2

– Discover your God-given life calling

– Write your life story

– Incorporate both consistency and spontaneity into your life

– Learn how to overcome life block

– Explore the desires of your heart

– Discover your personality style

– Create a bucket list

– Determine your personality style

– Craft a personal mission statement

Blaze Your Own Trail is not your traditional eBook in the sense that you read through it, set it aside, and allow it to collect virtual dust. It is a field manual that you trek through at your own pace. The more honest you are with yourself, the greater clarity you will receive from this ebook, as you reflect upon and respond to the deep questions of the heart.

Thirty pages long, I would recommend printing it out. I have created space so that you can journal directly in the book.

My hope is that you dig deep, explore questions that you may never have even considered before, and pursue your life’s calling by taking control. I look forward to joining you, as we blaze our own trails!

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You can purchase your copy here: Blaze Your Own Trail Ebook

Check out this excerpt from the eBook: The Effect of Your Today